White Wings

Volume one: Fifty Years of Sale in the New Zealand Trade, 1850 to 1900.

Volume two: Founding of the Provinces and Old Time Shipping, Passenger Ships from 1840 to 1885

After the publication of the first volume of "White Wings" the author Sir Henry Brett had so many enquiries concerning vessels that he had not referred to, that he felt compelled to delve still further into the records of the past, and deal as comprehensively as possible with the sailing ships up to the year 1885, which was about the time people forsook sail for steam when voyaging to an fro from the colonies.

The volumes have pictures and descriptions of hundreds of ships that sailed into New Zealand waters during those early days. There are also articles on how many of the ships came to their end on the long trip. There are exerts from the diaries of some early settlers. In volume two is the history of the provinces along with some passenger lists of the first settlers .

White Wings Volume 1 and 2 by Henry Brett