This is the story of the Gate Pa battle, fought April 29th, 1864, first published in a Special Issue of the Bay of Plenty Times of June 12th, 1924. 50pp. 
A brief history of the Native Tribes of Tauranga, up to the year 1864 and the battles of Gate Pa and Te Ranga, compiled by the late Captain Gilbert Mair from various authentic records, from information derived from Officers and Maori actually engaged, and from his own personal observations. A graphic account of the memorable battle. General Cameron's Despatch to the Governor, Sir George Grey. A Nominal Roll of those Killed and Wounded. Return showing the Native Settlements and Tribes in Tauranga, the number of adult population in each tribe. And the number from each have joined the insurgents at Waikato since the commencement of hostilities.

The Story of Gate Pa