Some Home Truths Re The Maori War 1863 to 1869 on the West Coast of New Zealand. Published in 1901
by Lieut. Col. Edward Gorton, New Zealand Militia.
This is written from the personal observation of the author.

" These facts materially after the impression given by some writers, the the Imperial troops under Lieutenant-General Sir D. A. Cameron, were to blame for many unsatisfactory movements during the war. In my opinion, the sole person who was to blame, and who was the cause of the generally hostile attitude of the Press towards the Imperial troops, was the then Governor, Sir George Grey, who interfered so un warrantably, not only with Sir D.A. Cameron, but also with his successor, Major-General Sir Trevor Chute, that the great wonder is that our troops were as successful as they were."

The Maori War 1863 to 1869 by E. Gorton