Major-General Sir George S. Whitmore successfully led two hundred militia and volunteers at Omaranui, surrounded the gathering Hau Haus, who threatened destruction to the. settlement of Napier, and cut off or captured them almost to a man. 1868 he conducted a campaign against the celebrated Te Kooti, who had just escaped from the Chatham Islands, and drove him and his followers into hiding. A month later he was placed in command of the West Coast force, which had met with some reverses, and had to be recruited and reorganised. For some considerable time Te Kooti kept the country in a state of alarm. The massacre at Poverty Bay compelled the Government to send Colonel Whitmore to reduce this stronghold. In October 1877 Colonel Whitmore joined Sir George Grey's Ministry as Colonial Secretary and Defence Minister, retiring in October 1879, with the rest of his colleagues. First published in 1902 The Last Maori War in New Zealand Under the Self Reliant Policy is Colonel Whitmore’s story of the New Zealand Wars. 198pp this is a facsimile copy of the original book, published by Colonial CD Books, Dunedin, 2019.

The Last Maori War in NZ Under the Self Reliant Policy by G.S. Whitmore