Old Coaching Days in Otago & Southland

by E.M. Lovell-Smith, tells the story of early coach travel in Otago and Southland, and the people who played a part. Contains many pen and ink drawings by the author and pages of old photos of the coaches hotels and portraits. There is a list of all of the early drivers and many anecdotes of early overland travel. Chapters include 1.The Rise of Cobb and Co. 2.Cobb and Co. come to New Zealand. 3.Cobb and Co. in Otago. 4.The Old Dunstan Road. 5.The Great South Road in Otago. 6. The North Road, Otago. 7.The Naseby Road. 8.The Dunstan-Queenstown Road. 9.The Road From Lawrence to Clyde. 10.Cobb and Co. come to Invercargill. 11.The Riverton Road. 12.The Lake Road - From Invercargill to Kingston - Te Anau Road - Switzers Road. 13.The Balclutha-Invercargill Road - Tapanui Line.

Old Coaching Days in Otago