History of the Early Gold Discoveries in Otago, by Vincent Pyke, M.H.R. Late Warden and Otago Goldfields Secretary, first publishedd in 1887. 151pp
ISBN 978-0-9922573-9-2

A good insight into the early days of the Otago Goldfields. Written from the authors personal experience after exceptance of office in early 1862. 
Chapter Titles - Early Settlers - The Chief Surveyors Report - The Interior of Otago - Letters about Gabriel Gully - Black Peter - Read as a Prospector - First Export - Dunstan Creek - Small Discoveries - Hartley and Reilly's Account of their Discoveries - Moke and Moonlight 
Additional Chapters - Black Peter's First Mate - Episode of the Dunstan Rush - How Fox was Found.
Appendices -A. Maori Names for Gold - B. Gabriel Read's Narrative - C. Waipori Bush Reserve - D. Hartley's Victorian Miner - E. Official Report - F. Jackson's Bay - G. Water Races at Blue Spur - H. Blue Spur - I. Snow Poles - K. The First Mining Conference - L. Nuggets - M. Agricultural Settlements - N. West Coast Exploration.
Illustrations - Gabriel's Gully in 1862 - Vincent Pyke - Major Richardson - Gabriel Read - Captain Baldwin - Black Peter - Members of First Mining Conference.

Early Gold Discoveries in Otago, 1887