Written as a souvenir of the Jubilee.

Contents include:The Story of the "Pilgrim Fathers" of New Zealand, Peninsula and Plain, The Sumner Road, Canterbury Settlement, Reminiscences of Early Days, Escapades of Mackenzie - meeting of Bishops Selwyn and Harper., Sheep-driving in the Early Days, South Canterbury, The MaoriOrigin, Life and Legends, Historic Outline of the Canterbury Maoris, Notes on Maori Art, Plants and Animals of Canterbury, A Glimpse into the Alps of Canterbury.

Soft Cover.

This is a facsimile copy of the original book.

Facsimile copy means that it is an exact copy of the original book, the books have not been altered in any way, except for the covers (though every page has had the marks and imperfections of age removed and the text enhanced) This is a less expensive way to obtain the valuable information these book hold without paying for expensive rare and collectible books.

Canterbury Old and New 1850 to 1900