Annals of the Diocese of New Zealand, first published 1856, printed for the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. 247pp
Contents include:
From the first planting of Christianity in New Zealand, by the Rev. S. Marsden, in 1814, to the close of the year 1830.
From the year 1841 to May, 1842 when the first Bishop of New Zealand arrive in his Diocese.
From June 1842 to March 1843 containing an account of the Bishop of New Zealand's visitation tour of the Northern Island and of his visits to Nelson, Wellington and New Plymouth.
From March 1843 to the close of the year.  The Bishop's visit to the Southern Island from January to March 1844.  From March 1844 to March 1845, including the Bishop's narrative of the affray at Kororareka  From May 1845 to the close of the year 1846. State of the Mission 1845-6. Recent Accounts from the missions, description of St. John's College, Auckland.

Annals of the Diocese of New Zealand